Accident Avoidance

BSR’s specialized AA training includes:

  • “Swerve to avoid” maneuvers at highway speeds
  • Ocular driving techniques (focus your attention on a positive goal such as an escape route, rather than a problem such as a tree or another vehicle)
  • Understanding vehicle dynamics and feedback
  • Skid control and recovery practice on a dedicated skid pad and on a slalom course
  • Threshold braking on straights and progressive braking on curves
  • Off-road recovery

Training is eight hours; 6½-hours hands-on, and 1½-hours in classroom. Classroom focuses on what’s coming next. No extended road-scene videos or simulators. You can’t learn to ride a bicycle from a video.

Course Cost: $345.00 + Sales Tax

Visit the Accident Avoidance web site for detailed information »

AA Enrollment Form

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