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A defensive shooting stance is a particular combination of upper and lower body (feet, primarily) positioning. As far as shooting stances go, the Isosceles and Weaver are probably the most popular, but the environment and circumstances in which you shoot will largely dictate what your “ideal” stance is. Our Natural Inclination Rob Pincas, professional trainer […]

Maryland Shooters’ senior member with the screen-name “Pinecone“recently attended our 3-day Carbine class here at BSR under the instruction of Larry Connolly. This course begins with a solid base of the fundamentals from the basic pistol course and evolves into more advanced skills to enable the student to effectively engage threats under a variety of […]

2015 Turkey Bowl at Summit Point Raceway

We hope everyone had a blast at the Refrigerator Bowl last Sunday, Nov. 15th!! Now we’re getting ready for the upcoming 2015 Turkey Bowl at Summit Point Raceway with Vintage Racing Group. Event Details Starts: 27 November 2015 8:00 am Track: Summit Point℠ Circuit Registration ends on November 26, 2015 12:00 PM EST. See additional […]

George Barris, the legendary custom car builder who helped define California’s car culture with colorfully designed vehicles ranging from the stunningly beautiful to the simply outrageous, died Thursday at the age of 89. You may remember George Barris as the mastermind behind a macabre rolling funeral home for “The Munsters”, a backwoods rattletrap for “The […]