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According to Outdoor Hub writer, Tom McHale, there are plenty of deadly sins when it comes to concealed carry. Below, we have summarized the Seven Deadly Sins of Concealed Carry: Using the wrong ammo. Using inappropriate ammo can ruin not only your life, but someone else’s too. Using the wrong holster. A good holster should help you access […]

Gravel is used as a base material in the construction of roads, but for less trafficked roads,the road is often left with a gravel surface. For this reason, drivers should be able to adjust their driving behavior when moving from paved roads to gravel surfaces. In today’s blog, we’ll be going over how to to maintain vehicle control on gravel […]

Simply put, progressive braking is braking harder or softer as needed. In an emergency, progressive braking can make you less likely to lock a wheel or lose control. So How Is It Done? Progressive braking is done by applying the brakes gently at first, then pushing the pedal harder and harder in a smooth transition. This […]

Barricade breaching is one of the tactical driving techniques you will learn during BSR’s security driving course (SDC), but can be very risky. For this reason, we always recommend using barricade breaching as a last resort, after considering high-speed backing or driving around the obstacle. Steps for Successful Ramming Step 1: Detecting the threat. The first step in […]

Multiple-target drills are great practice when you want to improve on transitioning from one target to the next, just like you would when faced with multiple attackers. Furthermore, when your targets are set at different distances, you learn how to obtain a sight picture quickly and control your shot cadence based on range to the target. That’s […]