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In Springfield Armory’s 1950 New Product Launch, they released a new firearm every day from Jan. 8 until Jan. 17, 2016. Check out 10 of our favorite new Springfield firearms for 2016! 1. XD-S® 3.3″ .40SW How do you make the most concealable full-power pistol even better? Offer it in all major self-defense calibers, that’s […]

Kimber’s 2016 Product Line Up was announced, featuring new models, features and caliber extensions. In total, Kimber is introducing 31 new pistols and rifles to their product line. Read the full post here. So what’s new? Kimber presents the Two-Tone and Stainless™ II families as its new 1911 product lines, adds new features to the […]

On November 5, a Pittsburgh man named Tony Faulkner posted a unique creation on a local firearm group on Facebook. It is an exploded representation of a bullet’s components, specifically from a Winchester 30-06.   In his post, he stated that he wanted to sell some of his hand-made ammo displays featuring Winchester 30-06 cartridges […]