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Lt. Col. Jorge Dolmo is one of the many U.S. troops deploying to overseas hotspots such as South Sudan, Liberia, Mali, the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Their mission: to support United Nations peacekeeping efforts. BSR was honored to meet (and train) this great group of men and women before their deployment. Watch: UN Evasive Driving Training […]

At our Close Quarter Battle Training Facilities, we offer 3 room configurations, each different from the other, to present a variety of tactical problems that may be incorporated by Tactical Operators, Narcotic Officers and First Responders. Each set is separately enclosed, each room having doors that open in or out, hallways, lights that can be dimmed […]

Our Basic Pistol Course is held at our training facility in Summit Point, West Virginia. During this course, students will focus on marksmanship, safety and basic weapons manipulation such as draw stroke, loading/unloading and malfunction drills. As for the shooting drills, students should expect to focus on basic principles and proper mindset. Basic Pistol Course Information: […]

A defensive shooting stance is a particular combination of upper and lower body (feet, primarily) positioning. As far as shooting stances go, the Isosceles and Weaver are probably the most popular, but the environment and circumstances in which you shoot will largely dictate what your “ideal” stance is. Our Natural Inclination Rob Pincas, professional trainer […]

The Active Shooter Preparedness Program at BSR was implemented in 2014 through the realization that encounters with a violent incident in the workplace, school facility, religious facility, or open venues were occurring at an increasingly alarming rate. Here are the facts according to Tyrone Feeling, the deputy emergency safety official for a federal agency’s information […]

Maryland Shooters’ senior member with the screen-name “Pinecone“recently attended our 3-day Carbine class here at BSR under the instruction of Larry Connolly. This course begins with a solid base of the fundamentals from the basic pistol course and evolves into more advanced skills to enable the student to effectively engage threats under a variety of […]