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No matter how long you’ve been shooting, there is always something new to learn. Our training facility in Summit Point, WV provides a safe and professional environment in which to train, while keeping courses fun and challenging. Just see what previous students have to say about their experience at BSR: “Went through basic pistol yesterday with coworkers and […]

The national focus on police-involved shooting deaths has raised a key question: why is a gunshot to the chest sometimes an officer’s first line of defense, instead of last? And the answer is.. it’s complicated. Mike Rayburn, an internationally recognized expert in the areas of Vehicle Stops, Officer Safety, and Firearms Tactics and Training, said on the […]

Dave Spaulding, writer for Handguns Magazine, recently shared his take on the Mad Half Minute Drill, a drill created by Special Forces veteran Mike Pannone. The drill was designed to test a shooter’s ability to move, take an accurate shot and then move quickly again. It works in the following way: Set-Up All the shooter needs is […]

Multiple-target drills are great practice when you want to improve on transitioning from one target to the next, just like you would when faced with multiple attackers. Furthermore, when your targets are set at different distances, you learn how to obtain a sight picture quickly and control your shot cadence based on range to the target. That’s […]