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BSR is the premier training specialist in diverse disciplines such as anti-terrorism driving, accident avoidance training, driver proficiency and firearms weapons training. BSR’s training is located at Summit Point Training Center on part of a 755-acre complex in the Shenandoah Valley, 71 driving miles from downtown Washington, DC. The fully functioning Summit Point Training Center integrates three high-speed paved […]

Meet Chris, our Director of Training and Larry, our Chief Firearms Instructor. These are the guys leading the way to ensure we are providing optimal training. They work hard to ensure our training staff is consisting of experts in their fields, our training curriculum is at the top of it’s game, and our facility supports […]

Gaming just went to a whole new level. Loke Uei Tan, a self proclaimed geek and USPSA shooter, spent a few months developing a virtual reality shooting simulator for the Oculus Rift. Dubbed the ‘Practisim VR,’ the software’s goal is to provide competitive shooters with the ability to stay sharp in the off months when […]

From basic principles and proper mindset to advance tactical environments, professionals can always benefit from proper weapons training.  A well prepared gunsman understands and appreciates the smallest of details to the skills required to effectively engage threats. Most weapons owners and professionals have their own standards for cleaning and care methods, handling tactics, and weapon […]

Do you practice alternative shooting positions during your firearm training? Where we come from, being a well rounded shooter means being able to accurately fire your pistol from various shooting positions. More specifically, well rounded shooters should be able to adapt to any situation. Forcing students to work outside their comfort zone is part of learning. In […]

Skill Focus: Reaction, Response time Dennis Tueller, a Salt Lake City Police Officer wrote an article for SWAT Magazine in March 1983 titled How CLOSE is TOO Close? In it, Tueller addressed his own experimentation, which determined that the average healthy adult male can cover a distance of seven yards (21 feet) in about 1.5 seconds. […]

Skill Focus: Presentation from holster (draw stroke), target transitions The Failure Drill, also known as the “Failure To Stop Drill”, has been around for decades. Colonel Jeff Cooper realized the value of the technique after mercenary Mike Rousseauand encountered a similar situation in the  Mozambique War of Independence (1964-1974). Afterwards, it was used as a […]