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Upcoming Security Driving Courses

Our three-day security driving courses are designed to prepare individuals for a situation in which they are vulnerable and under the threat of a terrorist or organized criminal attack while in transit. The training emphasizes the proactive approach to protection. Areas that will be covered include Terrorist Operations & Surveillance Detection; consisting of past terrorist/criminal […]

Upcoming Off-Road Driving Course (UROC)

Your vehicle wasn’t designed to spend its days on pavement alone. It can and should take you farther, but off-road driving involves a lot of common sense, patience, and skill. It’s not mastered instantly, but with practice, you’ll be driving more safely and ultimately having more fun. Because of this, BSR developed the Unimproved/Off-Road Driving […]

Here’s a great video for your Monday afternoon. AutoBlog shared this great video of the List #0231: Climb Mount Washington. Any auto enthusiast will know of Mount Washington for its high-speed hill climbs and host to events since late 19th century.   Mount Washington’s highest peak is at 6,288 feet with treacherous weather that threatens […]

BSR proudly offers firearm training throughout the year. Our upcoming trainings will be held on March 13, April 10, and May 8, with more dates to follow. Learn more about the firearm training and other trainings over at our site.   About The Program Firearms training at BSR was implemented in 1985, complementing the counter-terrorist […]

Off-roading is a great experience and can be fun for everyone involved. However, even the most experienced drivers should brush up on beginner’s tips. Here are some Off-Road Driving Tip for every level.   Learn your vehicle inside and out. Know the vehicles height and width, understand your minimum ground clearance, and know your four-way drive […]