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Let’s talk about 5 tactical driving tips for the everyday civilian. One course we offer is our Evasive Driving course. This course is designed for those individuals who are vulnerable and under the threat of a terrorist or organized criminal attack while in transit. While not necessarily for the everyday civilian there are tips and […]

BSR’s specialized Accident Avoidance training includes: “Swerve to avoid” maneuvers at highway speeds Ocular driving techniques (focus your attention on a positive goal such as an escape route, rather than a problem such as a tree or another vehicle) Understanding vehicle dynamics and feedback Skid control and recovery practice on a dedicated skid pad and […]

“Drivers ed” teaches beginners how to drive. BSR’s Accident Avoidance (“AA”) training teaches already-licensed drivers, with six months driving experience, how to handle highway emergencies. So trained, BSR’s AA graduates will have the opportunity to respond instantaneously and more positively to any driving emergency. The difference can save lives. Knowing that some highway-driving emergencies are […]

Many of us have taken classes, maybe in high school or college, where the information learned didn’t seem like it would be useful in any aspect of life. Classes here at BSR could not be more different. We pride ourselves in knowing that no matter the skill level, everybody leaves our facility with valuable, life-saving […]

A Slalom Course is a course in which you zigzag between obstacles. In our accident avoidance training course, a slalom course is used to force students to make a split second reaction and negotiate a quick, evasive lane change without losing control. Essentially, the Slalom Course is designed to simulate an animal or object jumping out in […]

Vision is your primary source of information collection, and an individual’s driving technique can be enhanced by a special eye-technique that we call “Ocular Driving”. At BSR, Ocular Driving is when a driver focuses their attention on a positive goal such as an escape route, rather than a problem such as a tree or another vehicle. […]