Skill Focus: Presentation from holster (draw stroke), target transitions The Failure Drill, also known as the “Failure To Stop Drill”, has been around for decades. Colonel Jeff Cooper realized the value of the technique after mercenary Mike Rousseauand encountered a similar situation in the  Mozambique War of Independence (1964-1974). Afterwards, it was used as a […]

No matter how long you’ve been shooting, there is always something new to learn. Our training facility in Summit Point, WV provides a safe and professional environment in which to train, while keeping courses fun and challenging. Just see what previous students have to say about their experience at BSR: “Went through basic pistol yesterday with coworkers and […]

Paul Harrell, a firearm expert and YouTuber, discusses five essential items one should have for concealed carry in one of his most viewed videos, “Five Things to Have for Concealed Carry”. If you’re unfamiliar with the name Paul Harrell, you might want to visit his YouTube channel, where he discusses a number of important firearm tips, […]

Vintage Racer Group VRG and the Royale Formula Ford Challenge Series will celebrate the worldwide 50th anniversary of Formula Ford racing during the 2017 Jefferson 500 right here at our very own Summit Point Raceway. The Jefferson 500 was established as a celebration of the great long distance races from motorsports past. Summit Point℠ Raceway […]

If you’re caught off guard by an armed assailant, the fact that you’re an excellent shot carries little weight. In order to prevail, you will need to be mindful of the fast-paced, unforgiving realm of close quarters combat. In the Guns & Ammo article, Close Quarters Combat Considerations, Richard Nance gives 4 basic considerations you […]

The national focus on police-involved shooting deaths has raised a key question: why is a gunshot to the chest sometimes an officer’s first line of defense, instead of last? And the answer is.. it’s complicated. Mike Rayburn, an internationally recognized expert in the areas of Vehicle Stops, Officer Safety, and Firearms Tactics and Training, said on the […]

Off Road Rock Crawling is an extreme form of off-road driving which uses vehicles to overcome obstacles. In rock crawling, drivers maneuver four-wheel-drive vehicles such as trucks, Jeeps, and “buggies” over very harsh terrain such as boulders, mountain foothills, rock piles, mountain trails, etc. In this video, you’ll see BSR instructors using trail drive techniques to […]