Let’s talk about 5 tactical driving tips for the everyday civilian. One course we offer is our Evasive Driving course. This course is designed for those individuals who are vulnerable and under the threat of a terrorist or organized criminal attack while in transit. While not necessarily for the everyday civilian there are tips and […]

As the cold weather moves in to stay for a while, we need to take extra care of our firearms when using them outside. Check, take extra steps, and clean your firearms before, during and after each use to avoid any unwanted mishaps resulting from the cold weather. If you are using a scope, check […]

Keep a watchful eye out for a concealed carry permit scam happening online. The scam pretends to be selling a “National Concealed Weapons Permit,”. A national permit currently does NOT exist at this time. Range365 shared the statement from the Colorado State police where they are getting a high rate of these instances. “We have a […]

We recently came across an article discussing whether you are a Sheep or Sheepdog? This struck our interest as it falls inline with the unfortunate mass tragedies we are witnessing in our society today. They stated “people can be broken into three groups: sheep, sheepdogs, and wolves. Wolves are the bad guys of the world, the […]

Did you attend the NRA’s first hosted Carry Guard Expo? shared Five takeaways from NRA Carry Guard Expo seminars. shared their observations which covered categories of discussion like the best home defense gun, and the fact that “different disciplines of self defense and preparedness work together for safety and security of the ready […]

If you are looking for something new to listen to there’s a new Podcast titled “Think, Aim, Fire”. Covering all things on the topic of shooting. We shall explain and discuss the art and science of hitting what you aim at, and what Bob refers to as the “chess game” that is a gunfight. If […]