About The Program Firearms training at BSR was implemented in 1985, complementing the counter-terrorist driver training taught by the company since 1976.  Initial development of the program was done by Special Operations Forces (SOF) personnel from both the Army and Navy. Firearms ranges, drive and shoot areas, stress/obstacle courses, and CQB facilities that support mechanical […]

Off-roading is a great experience and can be fun for everyone involved. However, even the most experienced drivers should brush up on beginner’s tips. Here are some Off-Road Driving Tip for every level.   Learn your vehicle inside and out. Know the vehicles height and width, understand your minimum ground clearance, and know your four-way drive […]

It is important to be safe and to properly store all equipment. It can be quite disappointing and a financial blow when you lose equipment due to poor storage. Below we discuss a few simple tips to properly store ammo. Be sure to check out the full article here. Avoid Extreme Heat Many rounds are […]

Basic firearms classes can be intimidating and unnerving. Quality firearm training should be serious and fun. Below we discuss 10 tips to help you find the right training course.                 Research the instructor. Check on their certificates, training, and experience. Check reviews for their courses and other feedback. […]