During firearm training, there are several simple and often unfamiliar concepts about firearms that shooters don’t know or understand. 9 Things New Shooters (and Concealed Carry Permit Holders) Need to Know About Training, The Shooters Log discusses theses ideas for training and what students should know about it. Below are the nine tips discussed in […]

Why have shooters around the world flocked to the Austrian “wonder gun” for self-defense? In 4 Reasons Why New Shooters Choose GLOCK For Self-Defense, Personal Defense World list why thousands of shooters convert to GLOCK. Simple Operation. It is simple to use and shooters enjoy how it does not have any switches or levers that are difficult […]

About The Program Firearms training at BSR was implemented in 1985, complementing the counter-terrorist driver training taught by the company since 1976.  Initial development of the program was done by Special Operations Forces (SOF) personnel from both the Army and Navy. Firearms ranges, drive and shoot areas, stress/obstacle courses, and CQB facilities that support mechanical […]

Off-roading is a great experience and can be fun for everyone involved. However, even the most experienced drivers should brush up on beginner’s tips. Here are some Off-Road Driving Tip for every level.   Learn your vehicle inside and out. Know the vehicles height and width, understand your minimum ground clearance, and know your four-way drive […]