Check out this great video from The Firearm Blog’s youtube channel. In the video, they take a look at at the rugged M240B, known by many names as the C6, the FN MAG/MAG58, and the L7. This unstoppable machine is truly a rugged, incredibly reliable, and remarkably fun to shoot. BSR is the premier training […]

Personal Defense World just released a great list of the 23 New Full Size Handguns For 2015. These great full-size handguns are meant for serious competition, self-defense or duty use. Below is the list of the 23 handguns. Take a look at the list and let us know what you think. Also, check out the […]

Recently The Firearm Blog reviewed the Heckler and Koch P7M13. Below are some of the highlights about the firearm. Check out the full review here.   Throughout the sixty-seven years Heckle and Koch have been in business, they have a history of producing firearms, which demine the concept of utilitarian and are practically indestructible. One […]