According to, threshold braking is when a driver slows down in the quickest possible way by maintaining brake force at the optimum level. While it may sound simple, it’s tricky and requires a lot of practice. When threshold braking, the driver attempts to maintain maximum deceleration without locking wheels, so if ABS has kicked […]

We are proud to announce Refrigerator Bowl 2016 rounds 5-8, the last 4 events of the winter autocross series which uses all the tracks at Summit Point Motorsports Park. Each date will be two different half-day autocrosses for two heats each. Register for one or both, because there are no work assignments (unless you choose that […]

Have you ever been in a driving situation where you approached a turn too quickly and your car wasn’t able to turn enough, leaving the road? Well, you’ve essentially experienced understeering, a common occurrence in front wheel drive cars. Understeering most often occurs when you enter a corner with too much speed for the conditions. […]