Our Basic Pistol Course is held at our training facility in Summit Point, West Virginia. During this course, students will focus on marksmanship, safety and basic weapons manipulation such as draw stroke, loading/unloading and malfunction drills. As for the shooting drills, students should expect to focus on basic principles and proper mindset. Basic Pistol Course Information: […]

Imagine you’re driving along the road and suddenly, you feel one (or two) of your wheels drop off the pavement onto grass, dirt or other terrain. If you do not know the recommended recovery technique, you could lose control of your vehicle and crash into a tree, crash into another vehicle on the road, or even […]

Knowing how to stop your car in a hurry may just be the most important driving skill you can ever master. Of course, how to do that depends on whether your vehicle is equipped with an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) or not. Today, we’ll be going over what it takes to stop in an emergency when […]

Through BSR’s Evasive Driving Course, new drivers learn the proactive approach to protection as well as vehicle dynamics. Part of this course teaches the concept of Serpentine Driving, perfect for experiencing the effects of weight transfer and how it contributes to difficult vehicle handling. Many of you know this as “driving around a bunch of cones”- […]

In Springfield Armory’s 1950 New Product Launch, they released a new firearm every day from Jan. 8 until Jan. 17, 2016. Check out 10 of our favorite new Springfield firearms for 2016! 1. XD-S® 3.3″ .40SW How do you make the most concealable full-power pistol even better? Offer it in all major self-defense calibers, that’s […]

If you’re unfamiliar with our accident avoidance or defensive driving instructional courses, the purpose of these courses is to go beyond basic driver’s ed. During their time with us, trainees can practice controlling vehicles during a skid using “skid pads,” areas of racetrack that can be wetted for practice. Parents come to us, reasonably worried […]