Here at BSR, we do a lot of driving. So, it would make perfect sense for us to have almost 100 primary training vehicles in our fleet. Read on to learn a little bit more about the vehicles we use most frequently. The Standard Training Sedan From 1997 and into the early 2010s, the Ford Crown […]

BSR Accident Avoidance Courses (“AA”) teach already-licensed drivers, with six months driving experience, how to handle highway emergencies. So trained, BSR’s AA graduates will have the opportunity to respond instantaneously and more positively to any driving emergency. The difference can save lives. Training is eight hours; 6½-hours hands-on, and 1½-hours in classroom. Classroom focuses on what’s […]

Off-roading is a great experience and can be fun for everyone involved. However, even the most experienced drivers should brush up on beginner’s tips. Here are some driving tips for every level: Learn your vehicle inside and out. Know the vehicles height and width, understand your minimum ground clearance, and know your four-way drive system Never […]

Lt. Col. Jorge Dolmo is one of the many U.S. troops deploying to overseas hotspots such as South Sudan, Liberia, Mali, the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Their mission: to support United Nations peacekeeping efforts. BSR was honored to meet (and train) this great group of men and women before their deployment. Watch: UN Evasive Driving Training […]

Jim Roberts began instructing at BSR in 2011 and for the last three years he has competed in the “Brock Yates”, One Lap of America event which is a combination Time Trial and Endurance competition that visits tracks all over the country logging over 5,000 miles in just over a week each year. During the first […]

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe vetoed Senate Bill 626 and House Bill 766, gun rights bills that would have expedited the concealed carry permit process for domestic violence victims who file for a protective order. As Bearing Arms notes, this bill would have allowed individuals to carry a concealed handgun for 45 days after the issuance of a protective […]

At our Close Quarter Battle Training Facilities, we offer 3 room configurations, each different from the other, to present a variety of tactical problems that may be incorporated by Tactical Operators, Narcotic Officers and First Responders. Each set is separately enclosed, each room having doors that open in or out, hallways, lights that can be dimmed […]