Simply put, progressive braking is braking harder or softer as needed. In an emergency, progressive braking can make you less likely to lock a wheel or lose control. So How Is It Done? Progressive braking is done by applying the brakes gently at first, then pushing the pedal harder and harder in a smooth transition. This […]

In a recent article published to Car Guy Chronicles’ website, racer Mike Matune really captured what racing is all about through his photographs and descriptions of 2016’s Jefferson 500. For those of you who attended the event, you may remember experiencing all 3 weather extremes common in Spring: torrential rain, bright sunlight and driving wind. But, as […]

Earlier this month, Guns & Ammo posted a great blog listing a variety of gift ideas for the gun-loving dad in your life. Keep reading to see what they found to be some of the greatest gifts the firearms industry has to offer. Any one of these will be sure to make your dad’s day. 1. […]

A Slalom Course is a course in which you zigzag between obstacles. In our accident avoidance training course, a slalom course is used to force students to make a split second reaction and negotiate a quick, evasive lane change without losing control. Essentially, the Slalom Course is designed to simulate an animal or object jumping out in […]

Vision is your primary source of information collection, and an individual’s driving technique can be enhanced by a special eye-technique that we call “Ocular Driving”. At BSR, Ocular Driving is when a driver focuses their attention on a positive goal such as an escape route, rather than a problem such as a tree or another vehicle. […]

Barricade breaching is one of the tactical driving techniques you will learn during BSR’s security driving course (SDC), but can be very risky. For this reason, we always recommend using barricade breaching as a last resort, after considering high-speed backing or driving around the obstacle. Steps for Successful Ramming Step 1: Detecting the threat. The first step in […]

Multiple-target drills are great practice when you want to improve on transitioning from one target to the next, just like you would when faced with multiple attackers. Furthermore, when your targets are set at different distances, you learn how to obtain a sight picture quickly and control your shot cadence based on range to the target. That’s […]