“I never saw them coming.” “They came out of nowhere.” “I had no idea they were there.” These are phrases voiced by those who end up in bad situations because they did not see the danger or threat before it became a serious problem. Situational awareness is defined as “the ability to scan the environment and sense danger, challenges and opportunities, […]

Gravel is used as a base material in the construction of roads, but for less trafficked roads,the road is often left with a gravel surface. For this reason, drivers should be able to adjust their driving behavior when moving from paved roads to gravel surfaces. In today’s blog, we’ll be going over how to to maintain vehicle control on gravel […]

Dave Spaulding, writer for Handguns Magazine, recently shared his take on the Mad Half Minute Drill, a drill created by Special Forces veteran Mike Pannone. The drill was designed to test a shooter’s ability to move, take an accurate shot and then move quickly again. It works in the following way: Set-Up All the shooter needs is […]

For those who are considering carrying a pocket pistol, it’s important to have a thorough understanding of the pros and cons of pocket carry. First, we’ll go over some of the advantages to carrying a pocket pistol. Pros of Pocket Carry Pocket-carried pistols are lightweight, easy to conceal and convenient to bear. As the name suggests, pocket pistols are […]