We are at the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) SOFIC Conference in TAMPA FL 5/21 – 5/23. Stop by and say hi!   The Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) is the premier conference for the SOF community to interact with industry and to collaborate on the challenges, initiatives, and way-ahead in delivering the most cutting-edge capabilities into the hands of SOF operators. Find out […]

What is distracted driving?  Simply put, distracted driving is any activity that takes attention away from the driver of a vehicle. These distractions can be broken down into three main types: visual, manual, and cognitive. Visually distracted driving can include anything from texting on your phone to applying makeup, looking at navigation and entertainment systems, or even […]

With no intent do I want to seem as to brow bash Law Enforcement for doing their jobs when it comes to providing training.  They are merely fulfilling their civic duty to the best of their ability and of course, abiding by their supervisor’s requests.  Coming from serving as a WV Law Enforcement Officer for […]

I, like many of you out there, have taken a long journey of trial and error, peer advises and varying competencies of instruction in our quest to becoming smooth, competent and accurate shooters.  The results were likely confusion, frustration with many an hour and dollar spent while still leaving you wondering, “What the secret is […]

Mike Lewis with shared some highlights covered in a training session teaching strategies to survive a mass shooting this past summer. You catch up on the article here. “The Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and the Jefferson County Local Emergency Planning Committee sponsored Friday’s session to keep the costs down […]