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“I used a technique I learned at this school over 10 years ago in an accident over the weekend. I was able to position my car as taught, and it save me and my families life. Can’t recommend this enough. It saved my life.” – Brian Huberty


“Great place for driving and learning.” – M.W. Naylor


“I have attended the Security Driving Course, Tactical Weapons Course, and the Individual Anti-Terrorism Awareness related course at BSR. These courses were all taught by top-notch, experienced instructors, who provided excellent relativity to the areas they instructed. From the organization leadership down to the lowest level instructors, this training organization is top-notch and well worth the investment. The principles instructed have applicability beyond just the tactical environment and gave me more skills to accomplish my military mission. I highly recommend this training with this professional organization.

Some of the best training I received was from the instructors of this course. They are experts in their art and the best in the business at what they do. If you want to survive on the “X”….these are your guys.” – Mac Cris


“Best all the way around highly recommend programs, specifically instructions and instructor.” – Unclesam Abdelgelil


“Exceptional training program and staff. Instructor Mike B. Is top notch, one of the most admirable people I’ve met. Thank you BSR for an enjoyable course.” – Jacob Hankins


“Phenomenal courses and staff!” – Ben Alan


“Went through basic pistol yesterday with coworkers and friends. From advanced shooters to basics, the taught a lot of things. Took the rust off of things I forgot, and fine tuned other things I knew. Taught methods and techniques that I haven’t experienced in civilian world, and with the worlds issues, it was a GREAT class! Recommend it to any and everyone.” – Rob Rosenow


” I recently took this course and was very impressed. This course is a “MUST”. The instructor, Nate was awesome.” – Tina Cartee Strite


The course I took at BSR was Top Notch, definitely recommended.” – Jacob Hankins 


“After 15 years of weapons training, this has to be the most informative firearms training course that I’ve been involved with.” – Ryan L. Brooks


“All three of my children have gone through this comprehensive, professionally instructed program. I heartily endorse the Accident Avoidance course” – Gerald Chan


I was able to take this course [Accident Avoidance] for free as a senior in high school. …the training has saved me more than once on the road. ..I highly recommend this to anyone especially newer drivers..thanks again BSR” – Travis Trussell



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Review from Maryland Shooters

Local DVM: BSR held first Women-Only gun course safety class

Shooting Illustrated: Using Your Car for Cover: BSR’s Training for Vehicle Defense

The Journal: Jefferson officials offer active shooter training


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Article from SWAT Magazine on BSR (1.8 Mb)

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Article from West Virginia Magazine on BSR (373 Kb)





Defense News TV show aired on the Washington DC ABC7 morning show.

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