Firearms Facilities

BSR has two small arms range complexes identified as Range Complex K and B.  The combined ranges consist of one (1) twenty-five (25) yard reactive steel target range, one (1) fifty (50) yard range, one (1) one-hundred (100) yard range, one (1) two-hundred (200) yard range and one (1) three-hundred (300) yard range.

 All ranges on both Range Complex K and B have floors of compacted gravel and can be safely used in wet and dry weather conditions.  Covered loading and equipment tables are provided at each range.  All ranges also have yard line markers at the prescribed distances from 3 to 100 yards.

Both range complexes have climate-controlled classrooms adjacent to the ranges. Range Complex K has a single classroom that will accommodate 30 people and has male and female restrooms. Range Complex B has two classrooms that will accommodate 30 people each, with a break area and male and female restrooms. Portable canopy covers can be made available to cover firing lines as climate conditions require.  Classrooms are all equipped with projectors and dry erase boards.

Range K 2013-11 DS contract photos 210 DSD_3141#2

2013-11 DS contract photos 204 DSD_3136AL#3 DSCN3357

The Range B Complex includes one (1) 200-yard range, one (1) 300-yard range plus a 100-yard car shoot range.  Please note that the aerial photo below does not reflect the extended range lengths up to 300 yards.  This range expansion was completed in 2018; an updated aerial is not yet available.

Both Range B2 and B3 are multi-purpose ranges and have seventeen (17) stationary firing positions with backers on the target line. Shooters can engage targets from 3-200 or 3-300 yards. The ranges also have twenty (20) portable target stands. Additional replacement stands with backers are readily available. Portable target stands can be removed and reactive steel targets can be used. All types of handguns, sub-machine guns, shotguns, and rifle ammunition (up to 7.62 mm) can be used on paper targets. Handguns and sub-machine guns can be used at 10-50 yards on steel targets.  Rifles can be used at 25-200 or 25-300 yards, (5.56 mm), but no armor-piercing or green tip may be used.


The Car Shoot Range (CSR) is also part of Range Complex B. This range is exclusively used for penetration power demonstrations, live fire vehicle take down tactics, live fire vehicle evacuations and break contact drills.  This range can also be used as a one-hundred (100) yard multi-purpose range with the placement of portable target stands.

The Explosives Demonstration Range (EDR) is also part of Range Complex B.  This range has an observation pavilion, with a protective two inch (2”) Lexan window, which can accommodate up to 35 personnel.  The vehicle detonation point is more than 75 yards from the observation pavilion.  PVC pipe with wiring runs the length of the range with quick disconnects for wiring of multiple explosive devices.  A control box located in the observation pavilion allows for safe remote detonation.  A siren and emergency light for warning the surrounding area of an impending detonation are located at the EDR entrance as well as a barrier arm to prevent vehicular traffic from entering.