Firearms Facilities

Individual/Unit storage areas are available.

Range B Vault (2)

       Range B Vault (4)

BSR has two range complexes identified as Range Complex K and Range Complex B. Range Complex K consists of three separate ranges. Range K1 and K3 have 14 firing positions. Shooters can engage targets from 3 to 50 yards and again at the 100-yard line from a firing platform. The range has 14 stationary target stands at the target line. Portable target stands, sand bags, and shooter barricades are available. Range K2 is a reactive steel range and is set up with two firing lanes consisting of falling plates, a dueling tree, pepper poppers, and two lanes of hydraulic pop-up steel head plates. Additional stand alone reactive steel plates are available on this range.

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Range Complex B consists of four separate ranges each 100-yards long. Shooters can engage targets from 3 to 100 yards. Range B1 can be utilized as a drive and shoot range which allows for firing at stationary targets from a vehicle in motion along a 25-yard front. With approach, egress, and turn-around areas, approximately 75 yards of drivable surface is provided. Firing can be conducted from the passenger or driver side of the vehicle as determined by the direction of travel. Silhouettes, vehicles, or building facades can be emplaced down range to provide targets as needed. Ranges B2 is a 100-yard multi-purpose range with 16 stationary firing points and a mechanical target system allowing for 14 turning target firing points. It also has 2 lateral moving targets that can traverse the entire width of the range (Approx.75′). B3 is a multi-purpose range with 16 firing positions. The range has 16 stationary target stands with backers on the target line. Portable target stands, sand bags, and shooter barricades are available. Range B4 is an Explosive Ordinance (EO) demonstration range. This range has an observation pavilion, with a protective plexi-glass window, which can accommodate up to 24 personnel. The detonation point is more than 75 yards from the observation point. It has room for a car to be shot or exploded. It has PVC pipe running the length for wiring explosives and an electrical horn to warn the surrounding area of an impending detonation. All ranges support pistol, sub-machine guns, shotguns, and carbines up to 7.62mm.

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