Driving Facilities

Paved Driving Circuits

BSR has four paved driving facilities, each of which has several different training configurations. The courses can vary from 1.6 to 2.1 miles in length. Each course simulates actual road conditions. Wooded areas, tire walls, and concrete barriers line both sides of the roadways. Three of the four circuits are facilitated by increasing and decreasing radius turns, blind curves as well as numerous barriers, bridges, and other features that provide ample attack sites for scenarios.

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Unimproved & Off-Road Circuits

BSR provides miles of unimproved and off-road driving circuits. There are approximately 250 acres of area with dirt roads and trails dedicated to drivers training. The training areas vary in traction surfaces ranging from dirt, clay, shale rock to gravel; along with varying elevation changes. These areas are perfect for training at elevated speeds on low traction surfaces. The obstacle areas consist of steep hill climbs and descents, log and rock negotiations, ditch and water crossings as well as vehicle recovery and extraction areas.