Close Quarter Battle Facilities

BSR has two (2) non-lethal shooting facilities identified as the “Apple House” and “The Barn.”  The Apple House provides three (3) separate and distinct training areas with different configurations for CQC training. The Barn provides a multi-story 3,000 square foot training area complete with three (3) individual stairway configurations – straight, 90°, 180°  – as well as multiple steel breaching doors. Each training area contains multiple entry doors, multi-configurable rooms and hallways.  All facilities have elevated platforms for instructor observation and control, as well as protected overhead lighting with adjustable illumination levels. Rooms are constructed of reinforced materials, with doors that are rated for non-lethal Simunition® and UTM® Man Marker rounds as well as .63 caliber paintball rounds. Training aids include realistic furnishings and props that are culturally appropriate and representative of the locations to which training personnel may deploy.

Images available on request