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Have you ever wanted to go racing? Check out the SCCA Drivers School coming to Summit Point this March 17-19, 2017!! This acclaimed school is open to anyone wishing to acquire club racing credentials to compete in wheel-to-wheel racing on track.  The Driver School is March 18-19, with classroom session on Friday evening March 17th. […]

Do you practice alternative shooting positions during your firearm training? Where we come from, being a well rounded shooter means being able to accurately fire your pistol from various shooting positions. More specifically, well rounded shooters should be able to adapt to any situation. Forcing students to work outside their comfort zone is part of learning. In […]

For security professionals, it’s always priority to position yourself for survival. That’s because when it comes to public places such as restaurants, we always want to remain aware of our surroundings and the small choices we can make to help maintain our situational awareness. As Imminent Threat Solutions points out, “Bad criminals exhibit telltale signs like […]