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“Drivers ed” teaches beginners how to drive. BSR’s Accident Avoidance (“AA”) training teaches already-licensed drivers, with six months driving experience, how to handle highway emergencies. So trained, BSR’s AA graduates will have the opportunity to respond instantaneously and more positively to any driving emergency. The difference can save lives. Knowing that some highway-driving emergencies are […]

Our Security Driving Course is designed for those individuals who are vulnerable and under the threat of a terrorist or organized criminal attack while in transit. The training emphasizes the proactive approach to protection. The areas that will be covered are Terrorist Operations & Surveillance Detection; consisting of past terrorist/criminal attacks, lessons learned, route analysis […]

Earlier this month, Guns & Ammo posted a great blog listing a variety of gift ideas for the gun-loving dad in your life. Keep reading to see what they found to be some of the greatest gifts the firearms industry has to offer. Any one of these will be sure to make your dad’s day. 1. […]

Here at BSR, we do a lot of driving. So, it would make perfect sense for us to have almost 100 primary training vehicles in our fleet. Read on to learn a little bit more about the vehicles we use most frequently. The Standard Training Sedan From 1997 and into the early 2010s, the Ford Crown […]

At our Close Quarter Battle Training Facilities, we offer 3 room configurations, each different from the other, to present a variety of tactical problems that may be incorporated by Tactical Operators, Narcotic Officers and First Responders. Each set is separately enclosed, each room having doors that open in or out, hallways, lights that can be dimmed […]