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“I never saw them coming.” “They came out of nowhere.” “I had no idea they were there.” These are phrases voiced by those who end up in bad situations because they did not see the danger or threat before it became a serious problem. Situational awareness is defined as “the ability to scan the environment and sense danger, challenges and opportunities, […]

With emphasis being placed on training and preparation for an Active Shooter Event (ASE), BSR Inc. focused on developing an all-encompassing program that gives workplace management, school resource officers, school faculty, and religious leadership the tools necessary to increase their chances of survivability when such a violent incident were to occur. Better yet? We do […]

A defensive shooting stance is a particular combination of upper and lower body (feet, primarily) positioning. As far as shooting stances go, the Isosceles and Weaver are probably the most popular, but the environment and circumstances in which you shoot will largely dictate what your “ideal” stance is. Our Natural Inclination Rob Pincas, professional trainer […]