Have you ever been in a driving situation where you approached a turn too quickly and your car wasn’t able to turn enough, leaving the road? Well, you’ve essentially experienced understeering, a common occurrence in front wheel drive cars. Understeering most often occurs when you enter a corner with too much speed for the conditions. […]

The Active Shooter Preparedness Program at BSR was implemented in 2014 through the realization that encounters with a violent incident in the workplace, school facility, religious facility, or open venues were occurring at an increasingly alarming rate. Here are the facts according to Tyrone Feeling, the deputy emergency safety official for a federal agency’s information […]

100 Drifters of December

Join us Sunday, December 6th from 8:00am – 5:00pm for the 100 Drifters of December event. This event will be on the Shenandoah, Jefferson, Washington, and Main circuits at Summit Point Motorsports Park in Summit Point, WV. That’s right, all FOUR tracks are open!   Price : $150 Per driver, $40 for skidpad, $10 Per […]

Recently, Andrew Del-Colle from took 24 laps around the Jefferson Circuit in the new 2016 Chevrolet Camaro 2SS to prove that it’s the best all-around modern muscle car. “My laps are getting faster. I’m finding a rhythm and slowly starting to crack the track’s toughest stretch, a four-turn tangle that makes up the Carousel […]

Maryland Shooters’ senior member with the screen-name “Pinecone“recently attended our 3-day Carbine class here at BSR under the instruction of Larry Connolly. This course begins with a solid base of the fundamentals from the basic pistol course and evolves into more advanced skills to enable the student to effectively engage threats under a variety of […]

2015 Turkey Bowl at Summit Point Raceway

We hope everyone had a blast at the Refrigerator Bowl last Sunday, Nov. 15th!! Now we’re getting ready for the upcoming 2015 Turkey Bowl at Summit Point Raceway with Vintage Racing Group. Event Details Starts: 27 November 2015 8:00 am Track: Summit Point℠ Circuit Registration ends on November 26, 2015 12:00 PM EST. See additional […]

On November 5, a Pittsburgh man named Tony Faulkner posted a unique creation on a local firearm group on Facebook. It is an exploded representation of a bullet’s components, specifically from a Winchester 30-06.   In his post, he stated that he wanted to sell some of his hand-made ammo displays featuring Winchester 30-06 cartridges […]